Puppy Class

Why Do People Take Puppy Class

You just brought your puppy home and you want to do everything right to be sure your puppy thrives. This is the start of a lifetime relationship between your puppy and your family. K-9 Puppy training class can assist you by providing you and your puppy with the training needed. Our goals are to help you to create a relationship with your puppy you have always dreamed of having. Puppy training should result in you having a well mannered puppy that you are proud of wherever you go. We want you and your dog to have a positive training experience and grow.


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A puppy training class, often called a kindergarten puppy class, is designed for young puppies. The ages for enrollment are generally at least ten weeks of age. The exercises being taught usually include sit, down, brief stays, come, and walk on leash. Problem prevention and solving is a part of the lesson plan, which includes biting and mouthing, housetraining, and other typical puppy issues. Socialization is a also covered, since it is an very important aspects of raising a puppy. Keep in mind, although your puppy is attending the class with you, the instruction during the class is for both the puppy and owner. Since you will learn at class, your puppy’s learning will take place at home when you repeat these exercises and work with you puppy.


Socialization isn’t just about exposing your puppy to new things. It’s also about carefully monitoring these interactions to ensure they are positive ones. Though puppies can seem precociously unflappable, especially when they are gnawing your ankles, and ban can easily become overwhelmed. Your job is to gauge the tenor of a situation by reading your puppy’s body language. Well socialized puppies usually develop into safer, more relaxed and enjoyable pet dogs. This is because they’re more comfortable in a wider variety of situations than poorly socialized dogs, so they’re less likely to behave fearfully or aggressively when faced with something new. Poorly socialized dogs are much more likely to react with fear or aggression to unfamiliar people, dogs and experiences. Dogs who are relaxed about honking horns, cats, cyclists, veterinary examinations, crowds and long stairwells are easier and safer to live with than dogs who find these situations threatening. Well-socialized dogs also live much more relaxed, peaceful and happy lives than dogs who are constantly stressed out by their environment.

Puppy Training, dog training, dog daycare, dog boarding, normal IL, Bloomington IL

Benefits Puppy Class

Puppy classes is for one hour per week for six weeks. Obviously, the most important benefit of puppy class is that you will learn how to teach, motivate and communicate with your puppy. You’ll learn how to prevent problem behaviors and how to deal with them if they happen anyway. In our group class, you’ll also talk to other puppy owners and compare experiences. Puppies in our class get to meet other puppies of a variety of breeds and breed mixes, of all sizes, shapes, coat types, and colors. Classes also offer time for the puppies to interact with one another and discover how to play. As puppies progress they class they will be able to ignore distractions that they wasn’t able to ignore earlier. Last, but certainly not least, puppies will learn socialization, meet people of all sizes, shapes, ages, and ethnic backgrounds. This is important as the puppy knows his human family but unless he meets other people, he won’t have any idea that humans are just as varied as other puppies.

K-9 Experience

The K-9 experience starts with the trainer and staff. We are pleases to have Annette with us to provide your puppies with training. Annette worked at Humane Society/Animal Shelter -Burlington, Iowa for 2 years. She spent 5 years at Town & Country Kennel Club, 2 years in the Apprentice Dog Training Program and 3 years as a full trainer. Annette is credentialed as a certified trainer/ instructor through the Thompson training program. She has participated in Schutzhund Training in Peoria -for 2 years. She founded Good K-9 Private Dog Training in 2002 and founded Good K-9 Companions for Seniors - visited nursing homes for 6 yrs. She is currently volunteering my services as an on-line mentor for people needing instruction for training their own Service Dogs and serving as the Director of Training at K-9. We also have a staff at K-9 with over 95 years of collective experience to meet your dog’s needs. Not only are we training, we are daycare, grooming and boarding, your dog’s home away from home.

Dog Training, Puppy Training, Doggy Daycare, Dog Grooming, Dog Boarding, Normal IL, Bloomington IL

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